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Who I am

  • Master’s degree in psychology (Diplom-Psychologin). Of course, because I wanted to do “something with people”
  • Married, urban mother of two children
  • Originally from a small village on the German North Sea coast
  • Multilingual cosmopolitan (German, Portuguese, Spanish and English)
  • Lived and worked in Portugal, Spain, South, East and West Africa
  • Sparring partner, specialist for meaningful dialogues
  • Pragmatic visionary and lioness, committed to fair educational opportunities worldwide
  • Eternal entrepreneur

Good to know: I don’t have any sense of orientation in road traffic, but I have a very secure sense of direction in important conversations and demanding group processes.

What is important to me

I want a world in which people work together in a meaningful, effective and mutually respectful way. I create safe learning environments in which people meet personally in order to further develop themselves and their organization.

I like people, the more different the better. I want them to discover the best in themselves and encourage them to take responsibility in this world. I am convinced that change can only succeed if we use different perspectives as a resource rather than a hinderance. I like to solve problems with a mixture of analytical thinking and gut intuition. I love clear words pronounced in a friendly way. I like to tidy up, especially the insubstantial buzzwords in interpersonal communication and bright minds. I want to ask questions that get under your skin and lead to answers that make a difference.