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Raum für Inspiration

“If you have a ‘why’, you can deal with almost any ‘how’.”

Viktor E. Frankl


I give keynotes on the following topics:

  • Empowerment – How to let people do their job
  • Unconscious bias – How to be an inclusive leader
  • Lateral Leadership – How to lead without hierarchy
  • Power Play – Know the rules & change the game
  • Self-Confidence – Train your inner PR agent
  • Virtual Facilitation – Joyful and effective

Other topics on request

What is a keynote?

A keynote is a plenary speech at large events that gets the attendees in the mood for the basic topic. The term keynote is derived from the intonation of a cappella choirs: The choir sings a note together before each performance so that the individual singers can tune into the piece and each other. In other words, the keynote speaker tunes her audience into the core message.


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