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“It’s not about giving a good workshop. It’s about empowering our clients!”

Kathleen Dannemiller

What is facilitation?

  • means dialogue-oriented organizational development and process support
  • always includes the different perspectives of the organization
  • enables meaningful and successful transformation processes
  • exploiting the knowledge and power of the entire group or all actors in the system
  • respecting the freedom and autonomy of the participants, synthesizing their goals and abilities with the goals and potentials of the organization
  • initiating concrete steps and projects in a solution-oriented way
  • enabling active participation of people in meetings, workshops, conferences and transformation processes

How does facilitation work best?

With people

  • holding the greatest possible variety of perspectives and knowledge backgrounds
  • feeling the same urgency for the topic at hand
  • actively shaping sustainable change in areas that actually affect them

With a pilot group

  • consisting of people from diverse positions in the organizations
  • developing success-criteria and framework conditions
  • enabling wiser process decisions through multiple perspectives
Questions for the work and composition of a pilot group:
  • Who needs to talk to whom about what?
  • Who has the power and means to get things moving?
  • Who is affected by the effects of transformation?

With the whole organization

“Community-building first, decision-making second” – Comprehensive changes in real time through inspiring ways of working and intelligent participation processes for large and small groups:
  • Circle Way – “A Leader in every chair!” A method that creates true community and empowers people to take responsibility for the common cause
  • Open Space – engaging in meaningful dialogues in large groups and reach achievable and tangible results through a high degree of self-organization
  • Appreciative Inquiry – employing an appreciative leadership philosophy and method to find out what is already working best and what needs to be done to get more out of it
  • Dynamic Facilitation – reaching new perspectives in the face of seemingly unsolvable problems and dilemmas with a group
  • Future Search – shaping the future, using a complex method of organizational development with all key people for a topic
  • World Café – making meaningful dialogues possible in a pleasant atmosphere through a clear and structured approach to yield tangible results
  • Liberating Structures – leveraging a wide range of innovative methods to make working in groups easier and more dynamic in an appreciative way

Virtual Facilitation – Only flying is more fun!