“Today, leadership is only justified if it aims at the self-leadership of the people entrusted to its care.”

Götz Werner


Training is a good start to establish positive and effective leadership culture throughout the company. Start-ups and corporations work differently, but often have similar questions about leadership:

  • How do we want to lead?
  • How do we enable self-organization?
  • Which leadership approaches suit us?
  • How can we best empower and equip our leaders?

Whether it’s a large corporation, a start-up or something in between – it’s all about people. People want to take on responsibility and do something meaningful. The task of leadership is to create conducive framework conditions for this.


My leadership trainings are:

  • customized for the organization
  • well-founded in theory
  • interactive and practical in implementation
  • virtual and face-to-face equally effective
  • full of fun factor


My expertise encompasses these leadership topics:

Inclusive Leadership

  • Diversity in the best sense of the word: Leading diverse teams
  • Recognizing, integrating and making use of competences and perspectives of different genders, cultures of origin and age groups

Facilitating Change

  • Understanding internal dynamics in change processes
  • Leading with effective participation strategies
  • Accompanying people successfully throughout the transformation process

Leadership Basics

  • Reflecting on the leadership role
  • Delegating appropriately
  • Giving and receiving Feedback
  • Setting objectives
  • Engaging in meaningful conversations
  • Resolving conflicts

Mindful-based Leadership

  • Mindfulness practice
  • Self-perception and reflection
  • Neuroscientific approach

Systemic Leadership

  • Recognizing and better understanding people as living systems
  • Exploring Mental Maps
  • Enabling self-organization
  • Creating a framework in which employees can shape and take on responsibility
  • Using the knowledge of the system

Coaching tools for leaders

  • Using coaching as a management tool – opportunities and limits
  • Asking helpful questions
  • Leading with a growth mindset
  • Focusing on solutions

Emotional Intelligence

  • Perceive feelings and use them constructively
  • Change perspectives
  • Only for the courageous: Leadership with vulnerability and empathy

Leading Leaders

  • Recognizing and changing one’s own behavior patterns
  • Questioning basic assumptions
  • Enabling good decisions
  • Sharing responsibility