When is training helpful?

The scattershot era is over. Availing of our training is a wise choice if several colleagues are required to learn the same thing, but individual needs should be met.

Participants of our training will learn exactly what they need to for everyday work.

How we train

Our trainers have a degree in psychology (with a focus on work, organisation and instruction) or in educational science and have participated in several further education courses. More then 10 years of experience in developing executive personnel have equipped us with a large repertoire of tools which we are more than happy to put at your disposal.

A good training session starts with a precise analysis of the customer’s and participant’s needs. The content and teaching style can then be tailored to fit individual needs. Crisp presentations, an array of different media and activating exercises designed to simulate real work situations are what allow for an effective long term learning experience.

How we ensure a long-term learning effect

We construct an appropriate follow-up concept in order to take your learning objectives into consideration. This concept entails each participants right to draw upon a personal coaching several weeks after the seminar. If need be this can also be done by phone or Skype. In conjunction with coherent concepts we also offer special training in tailored dimensions such as one on one or group training as well as after-workshops, on-the-job-training and virtual learning environments.

"Education in the 20th century requires an instinctive defence against a surplus of information." Hans Kasper (German poet)


Our training topics:

Leading with integrity

"Above all, leading means avoiding demotivation" Reinhard K. Sprenger (Swiss expert on motivation)

Executive personnel who operate wisely and confidently on the international stage and who appreciate and work well together with individual co-workers -

Should that sound like an attractive description you should consider booking or attending our executive personnel training. We will competently convoy the meaning of leadership in a systematic and solution-oriented fashion.

Possible topics:

Coaching as a tool for management

Words alone aren’t enough!

This seminar will help you understand how leading figures can use coaching as an efficient device. By learning the basic principles of systematic coaching and the use of appropriate question techniques you will achieve significant results together with your co-workers.

Possible topics:

Cross-cultural competence

"The ship is safer when it lies at bay. But that’s not what ships are built for." Paulo Coelho

What’s important to you?

We can help you successfully master any difficult intercultural situation.

The content is supplemented with topics you deem relevant and is conveyed in activating methods. Attendance of experts on specific countries can be booked additionally or connected via Skype if required. In order to ensure a long-term learning effect you use your newly acquired skills in simulated situations.

Possible topics:


"Are we stupid collectively?" (Fritz Simon)

There is hope: together with us you can learn how to make your event target-oriented. You want to create a consensus in your meetings? You want to make decisions and agree on concrete measures with your co-workers in the shortest of time? If any of the above applies to you then you should talk to us. The contents of the seminar are taught in numerous moderation examples, which aid in your job situations.

Possible topics:


More then infotainment

Whether you want to be schooled in SAP-application or appropriate ethical behaviour at work, we provide the necessary paraphernalia for planning, designing and executing successful training sessions. Subsequently you will apply your newly adopted skills in costumed practical examples.

Possible topics:


"Any idiot can choose to be elaborate to be on the safe side." Unknown Author

Presentations are there to inform and enable decisions. The best way to do this is by:

The main part of the seminar consists of applying what you have learned to material we supply and to your own PowerPoint presentations. Having experienced this seminar you will concentrate on the essential part of your presentation and have no trouble convoying your core statement convincingly and personally in 20 minutes.