When does coaching make sense?

People want coaching when they want to take counsel. You have a goal you want to achieve. You want to stop, change or achieve something. You need to make an important decision and want to weigh up your options carefully.

Who we coach

Alpha-leaders: Managerial personnel who want lead intelligently rather then blindly

Squabblers: Managers who work with heterogenic teams and want to face up to conflict. Conflict mediation is one of our specialities.

Expatriates: Cosmopolitan citizens that want to be fit for work in a multitude of foreign countries. Our coaches command an array of foreign experiences from several countries. Country experts can be additionally employed if necessary.

How we coach


"Desires are harbingers of skills." Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

A coaching with us lets you display your strengths freely. We’re interested in what you like doing, what you do well and how you use this to your advantage. Your ideals determine the coaching-process. We’re stubborn that way.


"Problem talk creates problems. Solution talk creates solutions." Steve de Shazer

We don’t like riding on your issues. We draw attention to what lies ahead of you and expand the horizon to encompass several options. Together we’ll develop a way towards your goal and find a solution tailored to your every need.


"What is this systemic thing?" Someone to Carl Auer

The term systemic is often used and seldom fully understood. In our eyes, systemic thinking means that occurrences and problems can only be understood in their cultural, social and personal context. While coaching we include this context – which could include your roles in life, relationships or duties.

Together we can take a new view on things and observe your situation from a new perspective. Doing this enables us to find an appropriate intervention and solution.

Psychologically, in the best sense

"50 per cent of economy is psychology. Economy is an event for humans, not for computers." Alfred Herrhausen (1930-89), German banker

We don’t posses X-ray vision and we don’t give therapy; we do however have coaches that possess fundamental training and knowledge. This means a diploma in psychology and a wide spectrum of education in the areas of coaching and consulting.

Methodologically established

"Provoking means letting the people think." John Le Carré

A short peak at our repertoire: